The Cable Lock Step-by-Step Guide


Cable locks are made to defend thefts and to keep your sensitive data away from the wrong hands. With a very wide range of products in the market, it is crucial to choose the right system and model that works for you.


 How cable lock works


Most laptops have a security slot builded in their chassis. Locks can be connected to this opening making it so difficult for thefts to pull them out, and eventually fail to run off.
How to use: Wrap the metal cable around an immovable object ( a desk or handle of a drawer), insert the lock into the lock slot of your computer, and you are good to go.


Matching the Slot


There are three kinds of cable lock slots, you will need to purchase the one matching with your computer.



1. Kensington Security Slot (T-bar)




Size of lock head: 3 x 7 mm


2. Noble slot (Noble wedge)



Size of lock head: 3.2 x 4.5 mm


3. Nano Slot




Size of lock head: 2.5 x 6 mm



 Combination or Keyed?


Combination Lock:


One of the advantages of a combination lock is that it gives you the freedom from keys, yet you can reset the passcode with up to 10000 combinations. With that in mind, it is at utmost important that you could bare the combination in your head.



  • pre-set and fixed combination for each lock
  • made for corporate users
  • offers easy combination recovery and sharing
  • secure cloud-based portal for instant access to combinations 
  • ideal for large corporations, government departments and large offices
*for Corporate Buyers: you must have a good trust for your workers before handing the keys, as you are relying on their memories. Assume that a worker leave the company he or she would still have the passcode for that specific lock.


  • up to 10000 possible combination
  • deal for small businesses and individual users



    Keyed Lock:


    Keyed locks provide a solution for people who don't bother to memorise the passcodes. The single key lock is recommended for individuals who are only buying one lock and will never have to replace the key. 

    For the Master Key Set (25 pieces), each lock comes with its own key for the user, as well as a master key that could open all locks. It is ideal for office settings where each person is responsible to lock and unlock their own equipment while admins and support team could access for supervisory or maintenance purposes. With no combination to recall, a master key saves time and costs of replacing lost keys.



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